Thursday, 1 September 2011

Get Paid to Test Products

Is it possible to really get paid to review products? If so, how much can one expect and what is involved? Here at Free Stuff Blog, I want to address and answer these “get paid to” questions. You will learn where to join a community of the finest minds in consumer research and change the world one product at a time. Go ahead and share your unique opinion and help others get paid for testing products! Most offers require participation but you’ll get paid and keep the product you reviewed.

Earnings Potential
First and foremost – do not expect to make a living from these product testing programs. I know people making a $200 – $600 per week by spending 10 hours of their time and are consistently earning that type of money. That is my extend of verifying the earning power of product testing work. However, if anyone know someone else making more, please share with this blog by posting the company which provides this kind of opportunity.

Why will Anyone Give You Money for Product Reviews?
Why this is possible is obvious. Companies are looking for honest customer feedback on their products and the best and most economical way to do this is by offering their products for free for testing. Essentially, they are giving out their product out to survey you (their potential customer) to gather as much information as possible on their product. This data mining is worth much more than the cost of their product and perhaps $15-$25 per hour of your time. With this collected feedback, they can then make researched decisions such as dropping the product from the market (if reviews are bad), try to improve the product (if that is possible) or they will learn that they got a winner. Your review of their product will give them this vital data which in turn can lead to the success or failure of their product launch. If you have a product wouldn’t you do the same?

Navigate with Care
Be warned. There are lots of companies that will pay you very little and some will not pay at all. You need to be careful before spending your time with any of these networks for product testing. I do not have a big list of verified companies but recently, someone has informed me via a blog post to try this company out since he has been consistently paid well for testing products directly from the comfort of his home. I myself have tested this and already got paid and kept the product as well. However, I can not promise you that they will continue to do this. My only recommendation is for you to try it and see for yourself.

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  1. could you give us the names of some companies that you know?